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Wind as Renewable Energy Source

by Prof. Dušan Mikičić (Matemtical Institute SANU Belgrade)

Wednesday, April 27, 2011 from to (Europe/Belgrade)
at Mathematical Institute ( 301 F )

Kinetic energy contained in the motion of air has always attracted attention of researches. The main reasons are: 1) Unlimited energy supply. 2) Possibility of easy conversion into mechanical and electrical energy by means of wind turbines. 3) Environmentally friendly method of energy generation without CO2, SO2, NOx, and without polluted of air,   water and land. 4) Nowadays (2011) Worlds production of the electrical energy is 17000 TWh/a. Renewable energy has share of 4000 TWh/a. There are predictions for the year 2030 that total Worlds production would be 23000 TWh/a, and the distribution of renewable production would be as follows: Hydro – 4000, Wind – 4500, PV – 1000, Biomass – 1700, ST – 1000 TWh/a. In this paper shall be presented the main practical results for utilization of wind energy in the World, Europe and Serbia in the period (1980-2010).